Recipient of the
Defining Karma® Grant
for Literature, this epic story sweeps across the battlefields  of Europe
and Africa in a riveting tale of love and war, alliance and betrayal, bringing history to life with unforgettable grandeur.

Storytelling begins with purpose . . . to evoke emotion with passion, imagination, and an unwavering commitment.                                                                                                                      — G. Anton

Inspiring Creativity • Encouraging Talent

Currently being developed as a television series,
Not Black and White 
is G.A. Beller's fictional account of events leading
  to the meteoric rise  of  a local, charismatic street politician to become the first African-American President of the
United States. 


The Defining Karma® Grant for Literature was again awarded to Tony Licata for his extraordinary tale of love, lust, and political intrigue based on a period in the life of Roman history's most celebrated statesman. 

The impact and tragedy of war does not end with the silencing of guns.
                                                                                                                              G. Anton Publishing is proud to have participated with the Ford Foundation and the Aspen Institute in the publishing of this important, comprehensive book revealing the lingering effects of Agent Orange/Dioxin in Vietnam and offering promising solutions to address the tragic consequences of its use. Published in English, Vietnamese, and Japanese versions and available worldwide.


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G. Anton developed and     services this site, providing writing collaboration, media distribution, marketing, and publicity services.
       The publishing business has changed dramatically in recent years, with e-books and self-publishing          becoming the norm. G. ANTON PUBLISHING has provided story consulting and full publishing services to        authors since 2012. The main objective has been to select novels which have the potential for adaptation      to film and television. While that objective remains the same, G. ANTON is expanding its business model        to focus  on the development and production of creative content for motion pictures, television, and   streaming platforms. 
       With projects currently in the pipeline, we have reprioritized our resources to fulfill these commitments    while limiting new submissions.