A Second Defining Karma® Grant for Literature Awarded to Anthony R. Licata for His New Novel   



           A Defining Karma® Grant for Literature was awarded to Anthony R. Licata for his historical novel Hannibal's Niece, released in summer 2017. Hannibal's Niece became an award-winning, highly acclaimed work which encouraged Mr. Licata to submit a new manuscript for grant consideration in 2018. Once again extremely impressed by Tony's creative talent and writing style, G. Anton Companies awarded Anthony R. Licata a second Defining Karma® Grant for Literature. 


           Caesar Obsessed was completed in early 2022, and proudly released by G. Anton Publishing on   July 1, 2022. Tony's skillfully woven storylines and character interactions throughout the novel exemplify the concept of Karma—cause and effect, or what goes around comes around—captivating the reader from first page to last. 

           During Julius Caesar's famed conquest of Gaul, the Roman Army was frequently raided by marauding Germanic warriors. Angered by these persistent attacks, Caesar built the first bridge on record over the Rhine River—in only ten days—and conducted a brief but devastating invasion of Germania.                                                                                                                                                                             

           That's what history records. Caesar Obsessed offers an engrossing tale of what really happened.                                                                                                                                                                       

           Following Caesar's narrow victory over the tribes of modern-day Belgium, the ravishing Devorra is given as a hostage by her father, the vanquished tribal leader. Caesar's roving eye quickly settles on her, but Devorra loves the valiant Belgic warrior Gabinier. Believing he has been lost in the battle, she eventually succumbs to Caesar's carnal desires. When Devorra is spirited away to Germania during a raid, Caesar's anger sets off a cascade of seismic events, ranging from the bloody battlefields of Gaul to the chambers of cunning politicians in Rome.                                                                                                                                             

               All the while, Caesar's top aide, Curio, and the brilliant engineer, Mamurra, work tirelessly to advance Caesar's demands against staggering odds, while secretly entangled in their own highly charged romantic predicaments.                                                                                                                                                     

               The risks and ensuing consequences threaten to derail Caesar's ultimate quest—to rule the Roman Empire!



A Special Dedication

G. A. Beller and Vivian Craig of G. Anton Publishing have been tireless in pushing me to improve this book to its final form. Not only were they unwavering in their support throughout the years of manuscript  development, but their creative input into the storyline has been invaluable.   I am immensely indebted to them, and I sincerely thank them for their contributions, support, and  friendship.


                                                                                                        Anthony R. Licata